• T&T Laser Alignments is family/veteran owned and operated with over 50 years’ combined experience in the transportation and maintenance industries. We provide quality alignments, products, and services to Ohio and surrounding areas. Jerry Woodland (Owner) bought his first alignment system in 2002 while providing mobile repairs services for tractor trailer, heavy equipment, and fleets. Then began providing alignment services to local owner operators, big and small fleets in the Ohio and surrounding area. After many years in the transportation industry, Jerry (Owner) decided to provide alignment services full time in 2016. In 2017, Nick Woodland joined  the company since the growth of the company required another Alignment Specialist. As of 2021, Matt Woodland is joining the company full time to bring different attributes to the business and contribute to the growth of the sales and services.
  • Jerry (Owner) started in the transportation industry in 1984 when he entered the United States Air Force. Jerry has performed repair services on tractor trailers and heavy equipment, worked in fleet management, and driven/owned tractor trailers his entire life. I personally understand the frustration of driving a truck that handles poorly and causes driver fatigue. Jerry understands that tractor trailers and heavy equipment without a proper alignment will wear tires prematurely. As a result, Jerry knew it was time to open a company that would help owner operators and fleets run more efficiently and minimize tire costs.
  • The goal of T&T Laser Alignments is to help solve the vicious cycle of replacing tires unnecessarily due to improper alignments. T&T Laser Alignments is committed to staying up to date on the latest technologies in the industry. T&T Laser Alignments has attended several seminars presented by Mike Beckett (President of MD Alignment), Centramatic Wheel Balance Courses, Primrose hands on training, ASE Certifications, and plan to continue our education and technologies with the advancing industry.